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May 2012


Bar-David Museum of Art, Kibbutz Baram
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Art as Constructive subversion: Bokozba in Baram

“… Bokobza holds an intriguing dialogue with photographs found in the kibbutz’s archives. While preserving the figurative images seen in the photographs, he disassembles and reassembles them anew in his paintings. The result is a spectacular kaleidoscopic spread, a very extraordinary carnival of identities. It allows the viewer to glean and selvage new meanings and readings of the past and to hold a new and fruitful dialogue with the present.
The work consists of five different pieces presenting various scenes of the kibbutz and its natural surrounding; they seemingly provide a pastoral and idyllic depiction of this reality. This effect is elicited through the gay, cheerful and glittering colors and round figures. The paintings recall somewhat the oeuvres of Matisse, endowing the depicted reality with a joyous festivity. The landscape, too, with its abundance of hues and colors intensifies the enjoyment of the eye that lays its glances on the paintings. “

Prof. Yossi Yona