The Book of Twins


July 2021


Neve Schechter Institute, Tel Aviv
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about the exhibition

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is described in the work as a primeval existential state going back to the Garden of Eden. The Biblical story, a cultural and religious cornerstone, is charged with countless meanings and interpretations. The exhibition titles, “THE BOOK OF TWINS” allows for a consideration of this work as external to the biblical canon. Bokobza’s “creation” combines biblical myths and scientific theories. The protagonist of this work are split figure of the twins who first appear  in the Garden of Eden lead to the second part “destruction” where the work takes on a biting local character, far from any sort of idyll: we observe the events in Tel Aviv and Gaza and are immersed, by means of the sounds and narrative, in a painfully familiar state of local warfare.

Shira Friedman