October 2021


Freshpaint Art & Design Fair 2021, Tel Aviv
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about the exhibition

In the series of paintings “Kaleidoscope”, Bokobza uses the musical methodology of theme and variations. Bokobza corresponds in the exhibition with Piet Mondrian’s well-known work “Composition in Blue, Yellow and Red” (1929) by choosing motifs that have become identified over the years with his own work (children, birds and patterns of eyes) and drawing them in threes: blue, yellow and red. The choice of the palette of primary colors is understood as dealing with questions that have preoccupied painters in modernity regarding color, shape, line and stain. However, in light of Bokobza’s many years of preoccupation with questions of locality and identity, the new works can also be understood as questioning definitions of race, class, religion and gender.

Curator: Daria Kaufmann