Family Matter


September 2023


Museum of Islamic and Near Eastern Cultures, Beer Sheva
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about the exhibition

Eliahou Eric Bokobza –A  Liminal State


Liminality: being an intermediate state, phase, or condition: IN-BETWEEN, TRANSITIONAL


In the proposed exhibition, my Art is examined through the prism of liminality. parallel to my multicultural  biography, since the beginning of the millennium a recurring theme in my Art  is mediation between East and West, Orient and occident. in this exhibition I propose to emphasis other less prominent   themes reappearing in my Art: polarized Issues such as modernism versus tradition, form versus narrative, stillness versus movement and Art    versus design. The works exhibited, some new and some that were created and exhibited in other contexts, describe a   constant preoccupation in the liminal state, which refuses to     decide and devote itself to one without giving up it’s polarized other.

 the center of the exhibition space  are a wall and a stage painted dark red on which works of art derivated from what is usually considered traditional interiour design are displayed: antique chairs whose seats are upholstered with an acrylic painting on canvas, a sculptural table lamp made of cast aluminum with a gold coating , whose sculpted parts recall         antique furniture from Venetian palaces. Paintings printed on fabrics from which decorative pillows are sewn, a curtain made of a custom made pronted textile based on a painting. Above  two British colonial style chairs, which I inherited from my grandmother, hanging portraits of a Jewish couple from Constantinople, framed in a classical way. On the antique  side table shelf is displayed a Limoges porcelain plate from the 1920s that I         inherited from my other grandmother on which a portrait of a black man was printed.

A painting on canvas called “diversity”,  that echoes Mondrian’s minimalist composition is placed next to this collection of “traditional” art-artifacts in a maximalist setting.

As a background to the paintings on canvas, cardboard, and gold leaf displayed on the walls around, overlapping in some places a printed wallpaper of “iconic” eyes in a modern color scheme of red-yellow-blue, an animated video work (digital animation of ink paintings on paper) is screened, depicting a typical view of Venice: 24 hours in 2:40 minutes. Sunrise to sunset to  sunrise  again and again in a perfect and seamless endless loop.